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It all started with this image...on a llama farm. Yes, you read that right. A llama farm. It was one of the moments in my life that was divinely designed and aligned. In all honesty, that weekend was meant to be a weekend of escape because it was the year marker of my dad moving to Heaven. I decided to leave LA for a weekend in nature. There was a llama farm that rented out cabins on their property. I pulled up to my cabin on the llama farm when a woman who was also staying on the property approached me. She asked if we were allowed to go into the llama pens. I went to check in my cabin. It was golden hour and ✨I just so happened✨ to have all of my camera equipment and decided it would be a great time to take some photos of the animals.


As I was walking back to this woman, a camel approached her and she began petting it. It was such a beautiful scene, I captured the moment on my camera. I went up to her and asked if I could send the image to her. She replied back with: "Yes! I'm a model. Would you want to do a photoshoot right now?" Absolutely, I did! As we began talking, I found out she was repped by one of the top model agencies. We did a shoot on the llama farm and it began a new friendship and a new journey into fashion photography.


I'd always loved editorial fashion magazines and loved photography. But it was there on that llama farm that a seedling of a dream started to become reality. From what was meant to be a weekend escape became a start of this beautiful new journey. 

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